Thursday, 28 January 2021

Are you 50 plus and asking what now?

 Many of us are going to be living far longer that our parents and grandparents. 

At the same time many people who are 50 plus are retiring, being retrenched or jobless. 

The future stretches ahead where many of us may be living until 90 and we do not know what to do.

How will we survive financially ? What is the reason and purpose of our lives in this new season of life?

Lynda Smith

Lynda Smith is a South African social entrepreneur who has developed expertise in this area over the past fifteen years. She has been looking closely at the major trends that are impacting the 50 plus generation and their future. 

In this episode  of The Story Teller podcast, Lynda talks about the impact of longevity and technology as well as Covid-19. For those of us at a cross roads, what she has to say, is very valuable. 
Click here to listen:The Story Teller

Lynda is the founder of Refirement Network and 50 Plus-Skills and is involved with many similar international organisations. To learn more go to 50plus-skills.

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